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2018-2019 Special Technical Assistance Cycle
LADOT’s People St Program is excited to announce a special application cycle this winter for Parklets, Plazas, Bike Corrals, Intersection Murals, and Decorative Crosswalks in your neighborhood. To ensure that every community in the city has a chance to build a People St project in their neighborhood, LADOT secured funding from Metro allowing us to provide technical design assistance and funding for materials and construction. In this application cycle, LADOT aims to build one project in every LA Council District (15 projects total). The window for initial applications is open from December 3rd, 2018 to January 22, 2019. Find out more and apply on our Special Technical Assistance Cycle page.  
People St Application Window
Parklet applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The Plaza application window opens annually in the spring.
Visit our Plazas and Parklets pages to download Applications and more information on process, responsibilities and requirements.
  Potential Community Partners should start generating support for a project and developing relationships with project team members in anticipation of the yearly application window. Get started early with the application process and increase your chances of being selected by LADOT by developing relationships with key stakeholders, thinking about appropriate project locations, running project location ideas by LADOT, conducting community outreach, and seeking grant funding and/or in-kind donations to finance a project.  

Step 1: Check Out Installed Projects

Check Out Installed People St Projects

get_ready Lessons learned from the pilot projects already on the ground can help with understanding how a People St project might work in your neighborhood. Information on the location of installed pilot projects are on the Plaza and Parklet pages of this website. Consider taking a group of interested potential project partners on a People St Pilot Project tour, perhaps by bike, transit, or carpooling. Fun photos of the pilot projects can be downloaded for your use in flyers or presentations over at the People St Flickr page. A study of the Spring Street Parklets, comparing a variety of physical, economic and social measures before and after installation, can be downloaded here. Other studies on People St pilot projects are also profiled on the News page of this website. Information on the location of installed projects are located on the project map.

Step 2: Think About Sites

Potential Community Partners can start thinking about locations in their neighborhoods where People St project types—Plaza or Parklet—may enhance the vitality of the street.

Site Location Criteria

The Parklet and Plaza Application Manuals outline safety and design considerations required by the City of Los Angeles for determining if a potential site is appropriate and allowable for a People St project. Please refer to the LADOT Bike Program webpage on Bike Corrals. If you have questions relating to site location, email us at

Step 3: Build Community Support

Solicit Assistance and Assemble Resources

Depending on the project type desired, prospective Community Partners may wish to get an early start with generating funds for project materials and long-term maintenance. Community Partners are encouraged to seek the guidance and assistance of qualified design professionals with project development. Projects can be funded through a combination of capital investment from Community Partners themselves, grant opportunities, materials donations from product manufacturers, or in-kind donations of time and expertise. A great place to start is by contacting your local Council Office for ideas or by studying up on the People St projects already implemented. Information on partners involved in projects already on the ground can be found by clicking on the blue icons on the maps that identify existing project locations on the Plaza, Parklet, and Bicycle Corral pages of this website. These partners are also listed here.

Generate Community Support and Build Relationships

In addition to thinking about possible project locations, potential People St applicants—or Community Partners—should start developing relationships with key stakeholders and project participants. Contacting your local Council District office and Neighborhood Council are great ways to start building a coalition of support. If you are confident that your site meets the above location criteria, reaching out to the adjacent property owners, business operators, and residents to familiarize them with the project type will help get the ball rolling and ensure future success.

Download the People St information sheet.
Click here for the People St Information Sheet.


Project Costs and Responsibilities * Maintenance costs vary by project size, location, and ongoing operational budget of individual Community Partners

The downloadable People St Plaza and Parklet Application materials are your guide to project process and application requirements. Download now on the Plaza and Parklet pages.

Step 4: Run Ideas By Us

Ready to Start Your Application?

People St is here to answer any questions you may have. If you want to inquire more about launching a People St project at a desired location, or have questions about the above site location criteria, email us at

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