People St is committed to understanding and reporting on how projects impact neighborhoods. By using established metrics that illuminate how new public spaces like Plazas, Parklets, and Bicycle Corrals impact the life of the street, we can track trends over time, evaluate project success, and inform future program direction.


Methodical observations and data gathering at a site—both before and after installation—help us to understand the potential impacts of a People St project. Pedestrian and bicycle counts, vehicle volumes, and speed data describe changes in circulation. Other tools—such as interviews of pedestrians, Parklet, and Plaza occupants, and local businesses—capture perceptions of the neighborhood and the project itself. Other data available through local, state, and federal sources—such as collisions or sales tax receipts—are analyzed before and after projects are installed, giving us an even better understanding of impacts.

People St has developed a robust methodology for pre- and post-installation evaluation and data collection: the People St Project Evaluation Manual and Fieldwork Toolset. [PDF] This document contains our standard approaches to methodical observations and data gathering at project sites, both before and after installation. Analysis of these data allow us to describe changes in safety, mobility, accessibility, and economic vitality. We also capture perceptions of the neighborhood and the project itself from people walking or bicycling in the project area and local business operators.

Click here to access completed studies on People St projects. Check back for information on how to participate in future evaluation efforts as more projects are installed.


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